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15 Weekly paying work at home Jobs- legitimate online income streams


How does earning weekly from work at home jobs sound to you?

Not only will you be earning weekly but you will have a flexible work schedule. Honestly some of these jobs won’t even feel like work. You will have fun doing them, some of the tasks are what you may find yourself doing anyway on the internet. So why not get paid for it?

The following companies pay workers weekly.

  1. Go Transcript
  2. The content authority
  3. Textbroker
  4. Hirewriters
  5. Cambly
  6. Clickworker
  7. UserFeel
  8. Humanatic
  9. Scribie
  10. London Brokers
  11. User testing
  12. Start up lift
  13. Chegg Tutors
  14. Study pool tutor
  15. Swag bucks

15 Weekly paying work at home Jobs- legitimate online income streams

  1. Gotranscript

Gotranscript issues payments every Friday via PayPal and Payoneer. Gotranscript pays an average of $0.60 per minute for audio that is transcribed.

What vacancies are available?


Does Gotranscript hire worldwide?


How much money can I make on Gotranscript?

The average earning is $150.00/month with their top earners coining $1215.00/month.

What equipment do I need?

PC and headsets.

I don’t have a PC, can I use a phone?

Yes, but a PC is highly recommended.

OK, I’m sold, how do I get started?

Go through the application process:

1. Sign up/Register: 

2. Study the guidelines: 

3. Study the samples that are in the guidelines.

4. Take the test: 

How and when will I get my results?

You will get a response after 30-60 days via email. It may seem like a long time but just be patient. You also have the option to check your application status from the test page. If you see an error message that reads ‘we’re checking your application’, that means that your application is still pending.

If the audio file as well as your previous submission is visible  it means that your application was declined. In that case you can take the test again.

When you get accepted, the error message will read, ‘You are a transcriber, you don’t need to do the test’. The work section will appear when you are accepted.

Can I retake the test if I fail?

Yes you can.

The Content Authority

The pays writers every Monday at 8:00pm ETS for all approved work. The minimum you need to have in your account is $25.00 for payment to be processed.

Pay Rates

The amount of money a writer can be paid depends on the number of words per article, type of article as well as level of quality listed for each article. The amount will be indicated on the compensation tab.

Where can I view and track my earnings?

Every writer can view and track their earnings on the ‘Earnings’ page. You will be able to the status of all your invoices. Every invoice will indicate whether the invoice has been approved by the client or not.

How can I maximize my earnings?

Only submit high quality work. As time goes on you can request a tier increase. Your rate per hour will depend on your level of skills and the available orders.

What is a tier?

A tier is a rating out of four. Your tier is determined when you start writing for the Content Authority, it will be updated as you write more articles. Tiers determine the number of articles availed to you. As your tier rises, the more articles become available to you. Articles tiered lower than your rating will be paid according to the article rating not your rating.

Ownership rights of work submitted

All submitted work is sole ownership of the client. You do not retain the rights to any articles that you write and submit. Clients are at liberty to sell, modify and publish articles that are sold to them without acknowledging you.

Ok, wait…. what are these articles used for?

The articles can be used for blogs, promotion and marketing, as well as printed material.

Writer requirements

A good command of the English language.

Be able to write formal articles using high school level English grammar.

Can conduct research on various topics.

Is work guaranteed?

Work availability depends on the client’s demand.

Are there any training resources for new writers

The Content Authority will provide you with tips on the Writer Help and Tutorials page.


The Textbroker pays writers twice per week at the request of the writer. Your balance needs to have a minimum of $10.00. Payments depend of the quality of work submitted. Articles are rated between 2 and 5 stars.

Vacancies available 

  • Authors/ Freelance Writers
  • Freelance Editors

Freelance writers

Textbroker is always looking for freelance writers who can add value in written content on various topics. Their clients needs vary from current news articles, product descriptions to legal articles. As a writer on Textbroker you will be required to write articles according to clients specifications. 


  • Must be eligible to work within the U.S.
  • Must be able to follow client instructions accurately
  • Must have a registered PayPal account
  • Some legal experience preferred but not required

Freelance Editors

Freelance editors proofread and rate articles. As an editor you will be responsible for quality control of articles and for providing feedback to writers.

Job Duties:

  • Proofreading and rating articles
  • Checking orders for correctness and adherence to the clients’ requirements
  • Monitoring content for copyright infringements

Requirements and Skills:

  • Excellent written and spoken English language skills
  • Passing the Textbroker’s editorial test
  •  Reading comprehension
  • Good grammar and spelling skills
  • Familiar with AP style

Who do they hire?

U.S citizens

How much money can be made on average/month?

Articles are rated between 2 and 5 stars by editors. Your earnings depend on your rating.  Textbroker has different orders which offer different rates. There is open order, direct order and team order. 

An open order offers; 

0.7 cents/word – 2 stars

1.0 cents/word – 3 stars

1.4 cents/word- 4 stars

5.0 cents/word- 5 stars

All Direct orders have flexible rates set by each writer, so you have the liberty to set whatever rate you want. Minimum being 2.0 cents/word. 

Team orders are restricted to writers on the team. The client sets the rates for articles. Minimum 1.755 cents/word

Equipment need

  • PC 
  • Good internet connection

Application process

  1. Register for free, and verify your U.S. citizenship.
  2. Submit a writing sample.
  3. Get your rating.
  4. Complete your author profile.
  5. Start writing for cash.

Training Resources

Downloads: Textbroker provides writers with case-studies and e-books to help you sharpen your content.

Textbroker Community: Think of this as the go-to place for any updates on current industry trends and writing resources.

Textbroker University: Here writers get access to online tutorials to help them improve their quality rating as well as to expand their knowledge.


Hirewriters pays writers every Friday around noon EST. Payments are made through PayPal. The minimum balance you need on your account is $10.00 in order to receive payment.

Freelance writer

        Who can apply?

Writers from U.S.A, Canada, Australia, U.K, Singapore and New Zealand.

How much money can be made?

As a beginner, a 300-500 word article could make you $2.25. If you are an expert writer you could possibly earn $10.66 for a 300-500 word article. 

How do I become an expert writer?

Hirewriter has four ranks. Every writer starts off as a beginner. You then move along the ranks to general then skilled and finally expert. The reviews you receive from clients are what determines you moving up the ranks. The ranks are as follows:

Beginner- Where everyone who is a new writer on hirewriter starts.

General- After 3 completed jobs that have an average of 4 stars which have been submitted on time more than 73% of the time.

Skilled- After 8 completed jobs that have an average rating of 4.2 stars that have been submitted on time more than 82% of the time.

Expert- After 15 completed jobs with an average rating of 4.6 stars that have been submitted on time 90% of the time.

  • PC
  • Good internet connection 

Application process

After you sign up, Hirewriters will send you an activation link. You will then need to login and then you will be able to submit a writing sample (after you click on the edit  for clients to read when they are looking for writers. You should also include keywords that you want clients to see in the search results when they are searching for you.


Cambly pays tutors $10.20/$12.00 per hour to chat with people all around the world. Tutors get paid every Monday via Pay Pal. The work schedule is flexible. Another plus is that there are no minimum hours of work required and you can work at any time, based on your own schedule.


  • Tutor
  • Ambasador

Who can apply?

Beginners are welcome!

No teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree or prior teaching experience needed.

How much money can be made?

You can earn anything between $10.00/$12.00 per hour. 

If you tutor 3 hours/day . 

$12*3= $36.00/day

$36.00*7= $252.00/ week

$252.00*4= $1008.00 / Month

Equipment needed


Good internet 

Application process

  • Fill out the information form provided
  • Upload a 2-minute intro video to the site
  • Receive approval to join
  • Create your profile



Get paid every 7 days for completing micro tasks. Payment is credited to your account immediately after a job is completed. The minimum balance your account should have is 5 Euros.


  • Text Creation
  • Categorization
  • Copy Editing
  • Proofreading 
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Mystery Visit
  • App Testing
  • Photo Capturing
  • Audio recording
  • Video Recording

Text Creation

If you are someone who’s fond of writing notes about different topics, you can turn your hobby into an income stream. Clickworker is looking for people who can create texts on different topics that include description of hotels, cities and fashion products.


If you are someone who is good at finding information online quickly, this could be the side job for you. This involves analyzing, evaluating and classifying data files from documents, photos and videos. One of the tasks that you might be asked to do may be to view two Landing Pages and decide which one provides the reader with the most precise information.

Copy Editing

Are you good with making corrections? Clickworker is looking for copy editors who can edit short texts on products, description of cities etc.


This job involves correcting grammar mistakes on descriptions of products, hotels, cities and software. If you have an itch for correcting grammar, then this job might be for you.


If you enjoy surfing the net and looking for new information, well this is the job for you. The search tasks include updating existing data and other minor tasks such as addresses of companies and restaurants. 


Share your opinion on various topics and get paid for it. Your personal data will be protected at all times. You won’t have to worry about third parties getting access to your personal information.

Mystery Visit

Do you enjoy window shopping? Use your sharp eye and smart phone to make some money on the side. If you enjoy strolling at shopping malls then you are perfect for these shipping jobs. Tasks may include checking sale displays and product placements in supermarkets and verifying addresses for certain business establishments. 

App testing

Use your spare time between commuting to work, lunch breaks and waiting in ques in grocery stores to test apps and pocket some money.

Photo Capturing

Tasks involve taking pictures of objects and situations as well as taking selfies.

Audio Recording

Record single words or short sentences and make money instantly! 

Video Recording

Use your smartphone to record video clips on different topics. You could be asked to record yourself running across the room. A little exercise, fun and money in all at the same time.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is literate, can browse the internet and work from their residence is eligible. There are no formal qualifications that are required.

How much money can be made/month?

You can earn anything between a couple of cents to 2 two-digit Euro sums per task. The level of difficulty, amount of research involved and special knowledge skills required determines the fee. Clickworker evaluates and adapts the fees from time to time on a regular basis

Equipment needed

  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection

Application process

  1. Sign up at clickworker.com
  2. Fill out your user profile
  3. Complete short assessments
  4. Good results ensure many jobs
  5. Process your jobs online
  6. Get paid on a weekly or monthly basis


UserFeel will pay you every 7 days after you complete a website or app test. They pay via PayPal. How much you earn depends on the companies looking for participants that match your experience.



Who can apply?

Anyone who can who can provide useful information on a site’s usability.

How much money can be made?

Your rating as a tester is what determines how much you get paid. There is a first qualification test that you are expected to take as a newbie, which the Userfeel team will rate you on. From there you get rated by customers. As your rating improves, the more tests will be assigned to you. The demand for your demographic profile from customers also weighs in for the number of tests availed to you. On average you can expect to earn $10 per test. Payment needs to be approved first, then you get paid via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards a week after taking the test. You can choose either one of the payment methods.

When will my qualification test get rated?

After 7 to 15 days.

What equipment do I need to be a tester?

Windows/Mac computer

Computer must have microphone

Windows 7 or newer version

Application process

Register and take the qualification test


Humanatic pays every Thursday via PayPal. Payments need to be requested by Wednesday 12:00 US (CST). You need to have a minimum balance of $10 to request payment.



Humanatic is software analyzes phone calls for companies. Reviewers that work for Humanatic listen to recorded calls and provide feedback that Humanatic uses to provide an analysis that’s meant to improve business for customers.

Who can apply?

Anyone with a verified PayPal account can apply.

How much money can be made?

Your skill level determines how much you earn, There are different categories that pay different amounts. As your accuracy level improves, you will earn more. You can expect to earn anything between $1 and $4.50 / hour

Equipment needed


Internet connection

Application process

Verify your PayPal account and fill in your work history details.


Scribie  will pay you every week through PayPal for transcribed files that have been approved by their team. You can make roughly between $200 and $300 per month



Transcribers covert audio into text, review audio, interpret spoken audio, correct spelling and grammatical mistakes in the transcript.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has;

  • Good comprehension of English
  • Ability to interpret conversations
  • Ability to apply context and identify mistakes
  • A Verified PayPal Account

Required Equipment

  • Laptop/desktop computer and internet connection
  • Headphone/headset
  • Latest version of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome browser

How much money can be made?

You can earn anything between $5 and $25/audio hour. You get paid per audio per hour, not the actual time spent transcribing. Your earnings will be credited to your Scribie account after your submission has been reviewed. There is no minimum balance for you to withdraw your funds.

Scribie pays a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours of completed work every month.

Equipment needed

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Internet connection
  • Headsets

Application process

Training Resources

Transcription guidelines

London Brokers

London Brokers will pay for all approved articles from native English speaker writers. Payment per article varies between $2.00 and $6.00. A 300 word article pays $2.00, where as a 1000 word article pays $6.00.


Freelance writer

Who can apply?

Native English speakers

How much money can be made?

The payment depends on the article length.

300 words-$2.00

400 words-$3.00

500 words-$3.50

750 words- $5.00

1000 words-$6.50

Payment for higher quality articles is $1.50 per words. London brokers pays a 5% bonus for articles that are delivered within 24hours after the order date. They also pay 10% for express articles.

Equipment needed

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Internet connection

Application process

Fill out the sign up form.

User testing

Usertesting will pay you to take tests and give feedback on products and services. They will pay $10.00 for every 20 minute test completed.



Who can apply?

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Ability to speak your thoughts aloud in English

How much money can be made?

The amount of money you earn depends on the number of jobs available that match your profile.

Required Equipment

  • A computer that runs Windows or macOS
  • A reliable internet connection (upload speed of at least 2MBps)
  • A microphone, either built-in or external

Application process

Take a practice test. If you pass and get approved then you an start taking real tests.


Startuplift will pay you for leaving feedback. They offer high quality work and a flexible schedule.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg pays $20 per hour to tutors who assist students with various subjects such as Biology, History and English. The working conditions are flexible, you can work from home or even from a coffee shop.

Study pool tutor

Studypool will pay you for answering homework questions. Subjects vary from Mathematics, Science, Programming, writing to Business. The earning potential on Studypool is $7500.00!

Swag bucks

Get paid to watch entertaining videos, answer surveys, and search the web. You earn through points which can be redeemed to cashback from PayPal and gift cards.

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